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Updated: Apr 12, 2022

We will soon be into the swarm season again and the LBG can look forward to contacts from the public regarding swarms. As previous we will vet calls to ensure they are honey bees and not any of the alternatives. Last year we received relatively few requests will be interesting to see how many we get this year.

There is the usual mechanism in place via the BBKA to find a swarm collector ( we have 2 LBG members on that listing) but at this time of the year we contact all LBG members to see if they are willing to collect and/or home swarms. This will add options to assist me when I get a report of a swarm. Where ever possible beekeepers wishing to acquire a swarm should attend the collection of the swarm. If they are inexperienced this would be with a beekeeper experienced in the dark arts of swarm retrieval. We would encourage as many LBG members to "volunteer" on a no commitment basis as the BBKA listing is spread fairly thinly in the South West. There is a third option...we may have members who do not wish to home a swarm but want to gain experience of collecting swarms.An experienced swarm collector will often be grateful to have an extra pair of suitably equipped hands to assist.

I will maintain a list and then put the relevant parties in direct contact. Hopefully we can look forward to hearing from you! Please make plain whether you are willing to collect and home or just home.

Many thanks.

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