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A member of the Cornwall Beekeepers' Association and
affiliated to the British Beekeepers' Association

This website is set up to offer help, support and invaluable information to Beekeepers and anyone interested in Bees in the Launceston and surrounding communities.

If you would like to join our group or come along to one of our meetings for a 'taster', please contact the group secretary, details on the Contact Us page.

BBKA News Editor Vacancy

The BBKA is seeking a new editor for BBKA News. After doing a superb job for thirty years as our editor, Sharon Blake has decided to pass the magazine on to someone else. BBKA News is expected to provide a wide range of content suitable to meet the needs of beekeepers who will have a range of experience. The editor is responsible for the content and production of BBKA News and reports to the BBKA editorial team.

We anticipate the editor will be an active and experienced beekeeper with a sound knowledge of beekeeping practice and beekeeping policies. The role involves generating ideas for articles in line with BBKA policy; commissioning and obtaining these in a timely manner according to the publication schedule; liaising with authors and the production team and evaluating the proofs.  The production schedule is set and agreed with the editorial team, printers and distributors and the editor will need to be comfortable working as part of a team.  Relevant editorial experience is essential, as is a good eye for detail.  


Applicants should be confident that they can fulfil these requirements.

Interested applicants are invited to submit a curriculum vita and a minimum of two references.   Interviewed applicants will also be asked to pitch their ideas on how they see the development of BBKA News going forward. This position is on a self-employed contract basis, terms of which will be negotiated.

If you think you can take on the role and are interested in receiving further details on the job description and remuneration package or wish to apply, please contact Leigh Sidaway, General Manager at or by phone 02476 696679 xt 2005.


Closing date for applications is 20th May and interviews will be held at the BBKA office, Stoneleigh, Wednesday 8th June.

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